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Discover Genoa

Located in the heart of the historic center of Genoa (declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site in July 2006), and housed within the noble designs of the 16th century palazzo of the Rolli Lomellini on Via Cairoli, the Hotel Cairoli is in a truly ideal location among the hotels of Genoa.
Set within the labyrinth of the Strade Nuove (once called Strada Nuovissima),Via Cairoli is the continuation of Via Garibaldi. A pleasant 3-minute walk from the hotel takes you to the Rolli, the ancient palazzos of Genoa, which were among the first buildings constructed here between the 1500 and 1700.
Resplendent in both Renaissance and Baroque styles, the Rolli, with their open staircases, courtyards, balconies, and hanging gardens are magnificent and singular examples of astonishingly beautiful architecture. These antique dwellings housed the most well-known noble families in Genoa, who were enrolled on special lists (i Rolli, or, "the rolls") and were obliged to host illustrious guests on their visits to the Republic.
Located only 300 meters from the Hotel Cairoli, be sure not to miss the Palazzo Bianco, number 11, which contains an art gallery housing gorgeous Italian and Flemish masterpieces; Palazzo Rosso (Via Garibaldi 18), with its luxurious stucco, baroque frescoes, and the paintings of Bernardo Strozzi and Van Dyck; and at n. 9, Palazzo Tursi, the present-day town council hall, with its spectacular staircase.

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100 meters from Hotel Cairoli is San Siro, the old cathedral of Genoa and one of the most ancient churches in the city, and more: Palazzo Spinola, a museum-house, which replaced the traditional attitude of "visit the museum" with that of "living the museum", Villa del Principe-Palazzo di A. Doria and San Filippo Neri which houses a magnificent organ of 1500 and an auditorium known throughout Italy for its excellent acoustics (Premio Paganini).

The Casa di Mazzini and the Museum of the Risorgimento are in Via Lomellini 11, just one minute from Hotel Cairoli.

300 meters from the hotel is the magnificent Genoa Aquarium , the largest aquarium in Europe, and the Bigo, with architecture inspired by the shape of ship loading cranes and fitted with panoramic elevators, work of Renzo Piano, the famous Genoese architect. Beyond the Rolli, a 10-minute walk away from the Hotel Cairoli brings you to the most beautiful and celebrated sites and monuments in Genoa.

Just 10 minutes from Hotel Cairoli, the magnificent Cathedral of San Lorenzo , with typical bicolor Romanesque façade, Palazzo Reale , Palazzo Ducale ,and the Castle D'Albertis, now Museum of World Cultures .Among the hotels of Genoa, the Hotel Cairoli is one of the most conveniently located to the Old Port (Porto Antico), the Cotton Warehouses and Galata Museo del .

In short, we are in the heart of Old Genoa where, starting from Via Sottoripa, through Porta dei Vacca, Via del Campo, Via San Luca, Via Luccoli, Piazza dei Banchi, via degli Orefici, with its shops selling gourmet specialties, small local restaurants, tastings of fugasse (Genoese focaccia), pesto, farinata, capponada and the freshest fish, in a charming and evocative atmosphere.