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Hotel Cairoli in Genoa - With you since 1979

All started when we came back from Brazil. In Sao Paulo, Victoria, my mother was a widow, and when we returned to Italy came the problem of finding a job to support her family and sons. One day, a lawyer offered her the part of a corporate guest-house, the "Pensione Mediterranée" and my mother, though she knew nothing of this profession, became interested and decided to buy it thinking it was a good opportunity. It was 1979.

In the early years my mother was joined by my older brothers Armando and Andrea. Their collaboration, however, did not last long since the two had other dreams. So my brother Alberto and me began to test ourselves in this wonderful job and I started to take the management and administration since 1982. In 1992 we decided to take a great leap forward: the "Pensione Mediterranée" had to retire and become a new hotel, capable of satisfying the requests of increasingly demanding guests. So we completely renovated the entire hotel that, after 6 months of closure for work, reopened with a new name: Hotel Cairoli. The hotel was rated two stars, despite the higher endowment respect to the category, because we didn't have the independent street entrance. In 2003 my brother decided to move to Verona and my mother at 75 years decided it was time to have a rest. Closed the family business, I started another one that ended in 2008. At the same time, thanks to new works made and top quality service, finally got that my company was ranked three stars although still with no independent entrance on the road.

Many years and many guests have passed since that distant 1979, many customers have also become friends, collaborators have changed - and today we have great some -, providers have changed, the hotel has changed to give you always the best . But some things have not changed in this time: our passion for this fantastic job, the desire to take care of the guest and make him feel at home, the desire to always improve and ... me.

Welcome when you arrive and good luck when you get, man.