RBE, is the European edition of the RoboBusiness Leadership Summit, Pittsburgh October 22-24, 2012 (www.robobusiness.com) by EH Publishing, the well established B2B event for the global robotics industry.
It is the first  B2B event in Europe completely devoted to the robotics market, which is one of the main areas of development in the near future.


The event’s program, focused on the European market, is designed to provide invaluable information and advice and create powerful connections for business and technology executives in companies at all levels of the robotics industry ecosystem.


RoboBusiness focuses on the business development and technical is­sues involved with the commercial application of mobile robotics and intelligent systems technology to develop entirely new markets and product categories, open additional lines of business and enhance existing product lines.


It’s a gathering point where  leaders come to network, partner, and debate challenges and opportunities in the field of robotics and automation technologies. 




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