09/07/2018 - 31/12/2021

From our hotel you can enjoy the delights of gastronomy and pastry Ligurian meter by meter. In order of distance you can start taking advantage of one of the most delicious pastries in the historic center of Genoa buying the famous Pandolce or Sacripantine or even the Lenten or simple but superlative Mentine or candied violet petals. After one minute the first of a thousand Bakery that can take away the desire to focaccia, focaccia with onions, focaccia with olives, focaccia with sage, focaccia with cheese, pizza and vegetarianloaf! Yes, because we have the old ovens also sell vegetable pies and cakes, and for us Meatloaf is made with vegetable!! strange isn't it? Go For It!! A short break at the shop to take the fresh pasta and pesto sauce and walnuts freshly made, right after I recommend a historic café opened in 1820 for a break in the luxury of past time  and in tastes that will not fade ever: tea, teas, chocolates, pastries, sweets, bitters, spirits, whatever you want but strictly served in cups and cutlery from the early '900!

Now satisfied in our tastes we can devote to all the shops that sell everything you could want in via San Luca, scores one after the other, just choose what we want.

A coffee ........ the little shop of coffee and only coffee via Orefici is waiting, standing, served by the girl (girls only) that 20 years ago they had the idea that coffee can be translated in dozens of ways, with cream, vov, nuts, nutella, etc etc.

From here we are already close to slaughterhouses Soziglia identical to 500 years ago repeats his banquets of vegetables, fish, stockfish and cod, poultry shops, butchers, bakeries, tiny bar, wine bars, and restaurants! 

And we are still in the most current part of Genoa, Genoa of 1400. What do you think you will find in the oldest part of Genoa, that comes  from 1100 to 1380? come to the front desk that I'll tell you the rest.