Excursions - A Thousand Emotions to Live in Liguria

Liguria is a wonderful land that cradles in its timeless villages the charm of tradition combined with a wealth of colors and extraordinary fragrances. Hotel Cairoli is the keystone that opens up to every guest the opportunity to comfortably reach all the treasures offered by our region.
From the port, reachable with a few minutes walk, depart excursions with boat through which you can push yourself off the coast for a close encounter with the Cetaceans or admire "La Superba Genova" from the sea while you glide over the water to discover places such as:

Camogli, a typical seaside village in which in the past it is said that the wives of the Ligurian sailors lived.

San Fruttuoso di Camogli, a bay located in the terrestrial and marine park of Monte di Portofino, surrounded by a mantle of trees in which a few steps from the beach stands the abbey of Capodimonte.

Portofino: center famous all over the world and habitually frequented by VIP, it will enchant you with its unique beauty. Its cuisine also enhances the most demanding palates while the walk around the marina is lined with boutiques with high fashion brands for exclusive shopping in a unique location.

Cinque terre: from the crystal clear water of Monterosso, to the panoramic Vernazza with its land that extends overhanging the sea, going up through the scents of Corniglia, to the romantic "way of love" of Manarola up to Rio Maggiore, you will not find equal beauty all over the world. These UNESCO heritage lands are born in the middle of a natural park that for each traveler resembles an eldorado promised by Destiny.

Below the link to the site where you can check hours and days for each excursion.

Every place, with the exception of Portofino and San fruttuoso, can also be reached by train and the railway station is just a few minutes from our hotel. Leaving the hotel, go left for a few meters where you cross Via Bensa. Continue along this street until you reach a roundabout where the majestic Church of "Annunziata" will appear to the right. Going straight you will cross Via Balbi, the beating heart of the Genoese university, until you reach Piazza Acquaverde where you will find the main train station of Genoa in front of you. From here we recommend taking a regional train to La Spezia.

If you want to fully immerse yourself in the Ligurian atmosphere we recommend the following stops:

- Nervi: home of the romantic Anita Garibaldi walk that crosses the coast
- Bogliasco: characteristic village with two beaches and a cliff where to sunbathe
- Sori: similar to Bogliasco but with a wider pebble beach
- Recco: town whose beach is loved by surfers
- Santa Margherita: stop to get to Portofino
- Rapallo, Chiavari and Lavagna: seaside resorts, with free but also equipped beaches
- Sestri Levante: fundamental stop to visit "The Bay of Silence" one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, for years in the "top 10"
- Moneglia and Bonassola: unmissable seaside resorts whose sandy beaches are the favorite destination of millions of tourists every year

You can buy your ticket directly at the station or on the Trenitalia website:

The Gulf of Tigullio
No words for the incomparable beauty of this corner of paradise: the harmony and elegance of Portofino, the undisputed charm of Santa Margherita, the lively beauty of Rapallo, the historical and natural treasures of Chiavari, until the charming centre of Moneglia and the magic of Sestri Levante. And now discovery everything...

The villas
It is a different and romantic Genoa that of majestic patrician villas. A fantastic world of lakes and waterfalls, small temples and Eastern pagodas that has kept intact the charm of Villa Pallavicini in Pegli www.museidigenova.it www.pegli.com/villapallavicini , while splendid rose gardens are the setting of International Ballet Festival which takes place every year at Villa Groppallo in Nervi www.parchidinervi.it . In Arenzano, in a fabulous park with a luxuriant vegetation rich of rare specimens faces Villa Negrotto Cambiaso, and from 1600 the contrast of red and yellow of Villa Balbi in Sestri Levante warms eyes and hearts of visitors.

Walls Urban Park (Parco delle Mura)
On hills overlooking Genoa, along the ridges that separate the Val Bisagno and Valpolcevera, there are the 1600 walls that contained the city, and is said to be the longest of the world after the Chinese Wall. www.genova-turismo.it Now keep one of wider forts systems and a large green area with an interesting butterfly-watching itinerary and an Adventure Park.www.yumping.it.

The Casella train
A picturesque narrow-gauge railway since 1929 climbs to the slopes of Genoa valleys along daring tracks, offering breathtaking panoramas, from the Forts profiles to the sea and the promontory of Portofino.

Natural Parks
In this thin strip of mountainous territory overlooking the Liguria Sea is concentrated an extraordinary variety of natural environments, like the Regional Natural Park of Beigua www.parcobeigua.it ,that with its rich vegetation, beautiful ponds and small waterfalls represents a privileged site for migratory birds. Or the Park of Antola www.parcoantola.it , with its secular chestnuts and beautiful butterflies

There are many sacred places in Genoa, especially in places where men have called for the divine presence and placed in their hope. Often the sanctuaries arise in places of enchanting beauty, like the Sancturay of Nostra Signora della Guardia www.santuarioguardia.it , from which you can enjoy a unique view, which ranges from Corsica to Monte Cervino. There are many pilgrims who come each year to Arenzano from all over the world to visit the Sanctuary of the Holy Child of Prague, where there are significant works of modern art, such as Albisola ceramic sculptures and the permanent artistic nativity scene.

In front of Liguria there is a stretch of sea where you can have exceptional meetings. Every summer, approximately 2000 whales and other cetaceans such as dolphins and sperm whales go through this warm basin. So you can see the whales in their natural environment, admire the elegance and magnificence, observe them without causing any interference

The Caves of Toirano
Toirano is a small medieval centre famous for its extraordinary limestone caves. They offer a breathless spectacle, with the suggestion of light on stalactites, fantastic forms that water has given the rocks, crystal flowers, the bears cemetery bears and the corridor of footprints. .

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